Which Bank Account Will Be The Best?

Who has money today in a sock or piggy bank? With a candle, look for people who do not have a bank account – it’s where our salary affects, we pay bills and shop for it. Personal bids are as much as banks, and even more. But how do you choose the best bank account? What to decide on, what criteria should be followed? It turns out that it is not as difficult as it may seem.

Why do we need a personal account?

 Why do we need a personal account?

Almost every employer remuneration is transferred to the account. We must have a personal account if we want to take out a loan or a payday (especially online – it is needed for identity verification). The account is also useful when paying receivables: invoices, loan installments, making online purchases or landlines using a payment card. A personal account is also our convenience – because we can keep cash in one safe place, use additional banking products and conveniently shop. Summa summarum – everyone in today’s world should have a personal account, it’s just a standard.

Types of bank accounts

 Types of bank accounts

yes-945356 Banks offer several different types of accounts. The most popular are personal accounts, or standard accounts, are accounts for individual customers that can be run independently or combined with other banking services, e.g. youth, student, standard, premium, etc. Company accounts are also offered (for enterprises, organizations and institutions), currency (used for international transactions, most often conducted in euros, dollars, Swiss francs or pounds).

How do you choose a personal account?

 How do you choose a personal account?

There are several factors to pay attention to when choosing an account. We will try to briefly discuss them and tell you what is most important when choosing an account.

Small and large fees – is this account free?

You should check whether the bank provides free transfers and withdrawals from an ATM (your network and all other banks, in Poland and abroad), whether it charges a debit card – generally, or in any way makes us pay for opening and maintaining an account. You also need to pay attention to the hooks – we often have an account for PLN 0, but on condition that we do non-cash transactions for a specified amount or a specific number of transfers in a month.

A tailor-made account – match them to your needs

It’s up to you what account you want, whether you prefer paid, but with the premium option whether you need a standard version, but completely free. If you are an “online-sheep” type who deals with all important matters over the internet, focus on finding an account with good internet banking. Traditionalists should check whether and how much they will pay for in the bank branch. Simply choose the option that best suits you, if you do not intend to use such or other services, look for a different type of account or other offer.

Take care of the functionality

Today, hardly anyone has a smartphone or internet. It is worth taking care that the account chosen by us gives the possibility of quick transfers, even on weekends. A mobile application will also be useful – thanks to it, you can check your account balance, make a transfer or pay for purchases, even during holidays or abroad. Euro-870754

Bank account with bonuses

Banks want to attract new customers, which is why they organize promotions every now and then. They offer free accounts, additional bonuses for opening an account or offering an offer to other people. Sometimes gadgets are given away, sometimes you can take part in the competition. Very often, in addition to a personal account, you can open a savings account (usually free), start a money back service or a Smart Server (refund for purchases). Thanks to this, when you open an account, you can gain or even earn – it is worth having that in mind.

Choose a good bank

It is worth checking the opinions of other clients, find out if the account is actually as good as it seems. The reputation of the bank is also important – a well-known, well-known, honesty company guarantees that there are no hooks on the offer and you can easily open a personal account in your bank and give your finances in good hands.

Compare offers with economy-816491 head!

 Compare offers with  head!

How to get to all these criteria? Take notes? Keep track of every offer? Not at all! All the best bank account offers can be compared in one place – that’s why we have prepared a ranking of the best bank accounts , thanks to which you can get acquainted with various offers, their details, criteria and choose the most-suited personal account. Not only that – you can immediately go to the bank’s website and submit an application to open an account online. Thanks to this, you will quickly and easily find an account that will meet your requirements.