The best banks – what do they have to offer to their clients?

Nowadays, having a bank account is as obvious to most people as a morning shower. Therefore, we have a huge number of banks on the market, which by all means try to encourage the use of their services as many customers as possible. However, this is not a simple task, because individual offers differ only in small details that do not play such an important role.

How do banks attract customers?

Behind the positive image of each company is a team of professionals dealing in marketing and PR. It is these people who largely influence whether we want to be associated with a given bank permanently. What else is important? Of course, the profitability of using the services offered, namely:

  • Conditions related to opening a personal account. More and more banks are giving their clients the opportunity to run such an account for free, provided they meet the conditions set out in the contract. These may include, but are not limited to: a certain number of transactions made using a debit card or an impact on the account of a certain sum at least once a month. Such accounts for PLN 0 act like a magnet.
  • Attractive terms associated with a mortgage or housing loan. The best banks try to tempt their potential clients in various ways. However, you need to be very careful and watch out for the clever tricks they sometimes use.
  • Favorable conditions associated with issuing a credit card. In this case, the best banks try to present an offer where the card is issued free of charge, as well as using it. The additional lack of commissions and the possibility of using installment programs in the event of any problems with debt repayment add to the attractiveness.

The best banks – what else do they offer their customers?

An important issue of using the bank’s services is the range of possibilities in which we can control our expenses. That is why the best banks try to provide their customers with full convenience. Elderly people can go to the ward or use the hotline. In turn, those more computerized can freely log into online banking or use a dedicated banking application on a smartphone or tablet.

Bank security is the basis

An extremely important criterion when choosing a bank to use services is the issue of security, which we usually ignore. It is worth paying attention to the confidentiality of connections, tools and methods of authentication and authorization, as well as system availability. There are specialized rankings of safe banks in Poland, good to review before the final selection.