How to Earn On Your Personal Account? 3 Steps to Extra Cash

A personal account is not only a place to store money, but also a chance for an additional injection of cash, and without any effort. What should you do to be able to count on additional receipts on your bank account?

Step 1: Simply open an account. But in the right bank!

 Step 1: Simply open an account. But in the right bank!

You can earn from the very beginning, provided that you use the right promotion. Many banks on “good morning” to encourage potential clients offer bonuses for creating an account. It is, however, to be careful: often these are promotions fortified by various conditions (and this is necessary to make an appropriate number of non-cash transactions in the first few months, and to open an online account, etc.). You can also get a bonus for recommending an account to another person (often then we gain not only us, but also a recommended friend). How much can you actually earn on such promotions? It all depends on the bank and the specific offer – usually it is from PLN 50 to a maximum of PLN 500.

One of the most recent promotions of this type is the offer of Credit Aqricole. For transferring the account to this facility you can get free 250 PLN. And for those who have not enough, an additional “stówka” has been prepared for recommending an account to another person. In total, you can get 350 zlotys just for being a bank client!

If you think that a hook is hidden in this offer, we can say with full confidence that no! The Credit Aqricole offer is the same profit for the client. Both account management, transfers and withdrawals are completely free here. You will not lose the money you earn as part of the bonus so that you do not have to pay unnecessary fees for your account. In addition, by using this offer, you also have access to discounts at the Credit Aqricole Discount Club and the possibility of opening a deposit on more favorable terms. With your Credit Aqricole account, you can only gain. However, you must hurry! It is not known how long the bank will give as much cash for free …

Open an account at Credit Aqricole

Step 2: Earn on your savings account

 Step 2: Earn on your savings account

Many banks offer RORs, ie savings and billing accounts, when creating an account. As part of such an offer, one account will act as a typical personal account and the other will be a savings account, where you can not only save money, but also earn money thanks to interest. Most importantly, unlike deposits, cash deposited on your account is not frozen – you can use it at any time. There is only one drawback – usually the interest rate is low. Although no one treats a savings account like deposits, you can always earn something from it, by the way, without the effort and hooks from the bank.

Raiffeisen Polbank has the above-mentioned offer of a savings and settlement account. By opening a Dream Personal Account, you also receive a savings account with an interest rate of 1.2% per annum. As you can see, the interest rate may not be too high, but in combination with the terms of the personal account is a very advantageous offer for savers. Well, Raiffeisen Polbank as a small bank offers interest rates on funds accumulated on a personal account at the level of 1% per annum. So you save almost automatically. In addition, the bank does not charge any costs for running a Dream Personal Account. Transfers or withdrawals from ATMs are completely free here, and you do not pay a cent for active account use. In short, Raiffeisen Polbank is an offer thanks to which you not only do not incur unnecessary fees, but also earn a bit. For everyone wanting to save will be as he found it!

Open an account at Raiffeisen Polbank

Step 3: Shop and wait for a refund – open an account with moneyback

 Step 3: Shop and wait for a refund - open an account with moneyback

More and more banks within the account offer moneyback service. It is based on the fact that some of the expenses incurred are returned for non-cash transactions. In a word – it is enough to regularly make purchases with a payment card, and in the next accounting month the bank will reimburse some expenses – this is the appropriate percentage specified in the contract (usually from 1-5%). However, it is worth remembering that not all expenses are refunded by the bank (the list is included in the regulations or contract). Moneyback is a very interesting option for earning without any effort: you do what you usually do (spend money, pay by card) and your account regularly receives additional funds. And although they may not be big sums, it’s a penny and you can collect quite a nice sum.

The above solution is proposed, for example, by Alior Bank as part of the Reasonable Account. By paying with the card for shopping in supermarkets, you can get a refund on your account of up to 3% in a month! In addition, you will not pay a zloty for opening and maintaining an account! You can also withdraw money from all ATMs in Poland and abroad for free. In times when most payments are made with a card, the bank that pays for such a development is of gold. The more payments you make, the more you earn, and your savings grow even faster!


Choose the best account, save and earn

 Choose the best account, save and earn

As you can see, earning a personal account is not so difficult. All you have to do is to choose the offer, preferably one with a starting bonus, a good savings account and a favorable moneyback system (because the larger the percentage, the greater the return on purchases!). So how do you find the best personal account? It’s very simple – it will help our ranking of bank accounts . You can see what is currently in the industry squeals, adjust the offer to your needs and submit an application to open an account online. And then just cut off the coupons from your decision.