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The bank has its headquarters in Katowice, but the bank branches are located throughout Poland. In addition to stationary branches, ING Bank Śląski gives clients access to ATMs. There are around 900 of them throughout the country, of which over 500 offer a contactless function. It is worth mentioning that ING Bank Śląski also runs online, telephone and mobile banking, offering its clients the option to use the smartphone and tablet app.


ING Bank Śląski – company’s offer


ING Bank Śląski as a bank with a long tradition has products for both individual and business customers who are looking for a solution for their company. In addition to various types of personal accounts and the possibility of choosing credit cards, we can reach for a deposit or savings products. As for the external source of financing, ING Bank Śląski offers clients cash or mortgage loans, as well as the option of creating a debt limit on the account.

Using the bank’s offer, we can also reach for cash loan insurance. As part of the policy, we can secure the repayment of the debt or the card belonging to the invoice. We can also apply for life insurance that will protect us, relatives and our savings in the event of an unexpected event. If one of us likes traveling, it should reach for travel insurance or our car. It is also worth insuring our house, which is to constitute an oasis of peace and a place to rest.


Cash loan at ING Bank Śląski

 Cash loan at ING Bank Śląski

ING Bank Śląski grants cash loans in the amount of 1 thousand. PLN 160,000 zł. We have at least a month to repay the obligation. The longest available loan adjustment period is 8 years (96 monthly installments). If we want to buy insurance, we can not borrow more than 100,000. zł. The loan in Bank Śląski is high interest – from 8.8 to 10 percent. In the case of liabilities with a loan term of up to 3 years (36 installments), it remains unchanged.

Interestingly, the bank charges a commission only on liabilities amounting to more than 60,000. PLN, then the commission is PLN 0. In general, the amount of fees and commissions depends on whether we are new or regular customers of the bank. In the case of the former, they close up to 5%. loans and the latter – do not exceed 4 percent. amount of liability.

How to take a cash loan at ING?

 How to take a cash loan at ING?

To apply for a loan at ING Bank Śląski, you must meet the requirements imposed by the lender. These are, among others, the possession of a valid ID card from which we must enter in the application and confirmation of receiving income from a permanent source. It may be a contract of employment or a work, or even a contract of mandate.

The rest of the process of applying for cash is very simple. All you have to do is send the lender a completed application and wait for his decision. This will appear immediately. Importantly, people who have an account at ING Bank Śląski, for which remuneration has been received for at least 3 months, do not have to add any attachments to the application.

ING promotional offer

 ING promotional offer

Apart from a wide range of products, ING Bank Śląski has numerous promotional offers. One of them is the one called “Money is back on a click”. What is it about? When we reach for a loan with insurance for a minimum of PLN 5,000 and meet all the expectations of the lender regarding the promotion, we can receive PLN 150. Importantly, even those who do not take advantage of the option to secure their finances, will also get cash. It will amount to PLN 50.

If we plan to buy a car and take a loan for a minimum of PLN 15,000, and additionally we will use a promotional code on the website of the lender, we will receive a refund of PLN 500. One of the most interesting promotional offers at ING is Ekopożyczka.

Ekopożyczka – what is it about?

Ekgożyczka is an offer of ING Bank Śląski, whose aim is to encourage the use of online banking services. As part of crediting from ING, we can reach for a loan that guarantees us a return of commission. What should we do?

All we need to do is send a loan application and use the code provided on the bank’s website. This code guarantees the return of the commission incurred during the loan period. Importantly, Ekopożyczka can be taken exclusively for ecological goods. What should be understood with this concept? An ecological commodity according to ING Bank promotion regulations may be A +++ class appliances, ie refrigerators, washing machines or dryers. This is not the only option to make a purchase. The promotion also includes the purchase of doors or windows, as well as materials for insulation of residential buildings or the implementation of a rainwater recovery system. As part of the promotion, we can also buy boilers or bicycles. However, it should be remembered that all promotions offered by ING Bank Śląski are limited in time.


ING Bank Śląski – summary

 ING Bank Śląski - summary