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Which Relationship Between Debt And Shares Is Common For Companies In The Drug Sector?


The average long-term debt / equity (D / E) ratio that applies to companies in the pharmaceutical sector is 70.66 based on 12-month trailing data from May 12, 2015. The drug sector is composed of more specialized industries, including the supply of drugs, drug manufacturers – major manufacturers, drug manufacturers – other, drug-related products and drugs – generic industries.

The D / E ratio measures the financial leverage of a company and is calculated by dividing the total obligations of a company by its equity. If a company has a high D / E ratio, the company tends to have a high debt level per dollar of equity. Some industries are capital intensive, which leads to high D / E ratios. It is generally beneficial for investors to invest in companies with low D / E ratios.

The simple average of the D / E ratio for companies in the drug sector is 70.66, indicating that for every $ 1 in equity, companies in the drug sector have $ 70. 66 in total liabilities. Because the drug sector is very capital intensive, companies in this sector have high D / E ratios.

The drug supply industry is included in the drugs sector and has the highest long-term D / E ratio in the 152 sector. 6. In comparison with the average D / E ratio of the drug sector, investors in The drug delivery industry assumes $ 81.94, or 152. 6 – 70. 66, in debt per $ 1 in equity.

The pharmaceutical manufacturers – major has a long-term D / E of 66. 86. Compared to the long-term D / E ratio of the industrial goods sector, companies in this sector have $ 66. 86 in debt per $ 1 of equity. The pharmaceutical manufacturers – other industries offer the lowest long-term D / E ratio for investors in the pharmaceutical sector. The industry’s long-term D / E ratio is 29. 85. This indicates that for every $ 1 in equity for companies in the drug manufacturers – other industries – companies have an average of $ 29. 85 in debt.

How to Earn On Your Personal Account? 3 Steps to Extra Cash

A personal account is not only a place to store money, but also a chance for an additional injection of cash, and without any effort. What should you do to be able to count on additional receipts on your bank account?

Step 1: Simply open an account. But in the right bank!

 Step 1: Simply open an account. But in the right bank!

You can earn from the very beginning, provided that you use the right promotion. Many banks on “good morning” to encourage potential clients offer bonuses for creating an account. It is, however, to be careful: often these are promotions fortified by various conditions (and this is necessary to make an appropriate number of non-cash transactions in the first few months, and to open an online account, etc.). You can also get a bonus for recommending an account to another person (often then we gain not only us, but also a recommended friend). How much can you actually earn on such promotions? It all depends on the bank and the specific offer – usually it is from PLN 50 to a maximum of PLN 500.

One of the most recent promotions of this type is the offer of Credit Aqricole. For transferring the account to this facility you can get free 250 PLN. And for those who have not enough, an additional “stówka” has been prepared for recommending an account to another person. In total, you can get 350 zlotys just for being a bank client!

If you think that a hook is hidden in this offer, we can say with full confidence that no! The Credit Aqricole offer is the same profit for the client. Both account management, transfers and withdrawals are completely free here. You will not lose the money you earn as part of the bonus so that you do not have to pay unnecessary fees for your account. In addition, by using this offer, you also have access to discounts at the Credit Aqricole Discount Club and the possibility of opening a deposit on more favorable terms. With your Credit Aqricole account, you can only gain. However, you must hurry! It is not known how long the bank will give as much cash for free …

Open an account at Credit Aqricole

Step 2: Earn on your savings account

 Step 2: Earn on your savings account

Many banks offer RORs, ie savings and billing accounts, when creating an account. As part of such an offer, one account will act as a typical personal account and the other will be a savings account, where you can not only save money, but also earn money thanks to interest. Most importantly, unlike deposits, cash deposited on your account is not frozen – you can use it at any time. There is only one drawback – usually the interest rate is low. Although no one treats a savings account like deposits, you can always earn something from it, by the way, without the effort and hooks from the bank.

Raiffeisen Polbank has the above-mentioned offer of a savings and settlement account. By opening a Dream Personal Account, you also receive a savings account with an interest rate of 1.2% per annum. As you can see, the interest rate may not be too high, but in combination with the terms of the personal account is a very advantageous offer for savers. Well, Raiffeisen Polbank as a small bank offers interest rates on funds accumulated on a personal account at the level of 1% per annum. So you save almost automatically. In addition, the bank does not charge any costs for running a Dream Personal Account. Transfers or withdrawals from ATMs are completely free here, and you do not pay a cent for active account use. In short, Raiffeisen Polbank is an offer thanks to which you not only do not incur unnecessary fees, but also earn a bit. For everyone wanting to save will be as he found it!

Open an account at Raiffeisen Polbank

Step 3: Shop and wait for a refund – open an account with moneyback

 Step 3: Shop and wait for a refund - open an account with moneyback

More and more banks within the account offer moneyback service. It is based on the fact that some of the expenses incurred are returned for non-cash transactions. In a word – it is enough to regularly make purchases with a payment card, and in the next accounting month the bank will reimburse some expenses – this is the appropriate percentage specified in the contract (usually from 1-5%). However, it is worth remembering that not all expenses are refunded by the bank (the list is included in the regulations or contract). Moneyback is a very interesting option for earning without any effort: you do what you usually do (spend money, pay by card) and your account regularly receives additional funds. And although they may not be big sums, it’s a penny and you can collect quite a nice sum.

The above solution is proposed, for example, by Alior Bank as part of the Reasonable Account. By paying with the card for shopping in supermarkets, you can get a refund on your account of up to 3% in a month! In addition, you will not pay a zloty for opening and maintaining an account! You can also withdraw money from all ATMs in Poland and abroad for free. In times when most payments are made with a card, the bank that pays for such a development is of gold. The more payments you make, the more you earn, and your savings grow even faster!


Choose the best account, save and earn

 Choose the best account, save and earn

As you can see, earning a personal account is not so difficult. All you have to do is to choose the offer, preferably one with a starting bonus, a good savings account and a favorable moneyback system (because the larger the percentage, the greater the return on purchases!). So how do you find the best personal account? It’s very simple – it will help our ranking of bank accounts . You can see what is currently in the industry squeals, adjust the offer to your needs and submit an application to open an account online. And then just cut off the coupons from your decision.

Which Bank Account Will Be The Best?

Who has money today in a sock or piggy bank? With a candle, look for people who do not have a bank account – it’s where our salary affects, we pay bills and shop for it. Personal bids are as much as banks, and even more. But how do you choose the best bank account? What to decide on, what criteria should be followed? It turns out that it is not as difficult as it may seem.

Why do we need a personal account?

 Why do we need a personal account?

Almost every employer remuneration is transferred to the account. We must have a personal account if we want to take out a loan or a payday (especially online – it is needed for identity verification). The account is also useful when paying receivables: invoices, loan installments, making online purchases or landlines using a payment card. A personal account is also our convenience – because we can keep cash in one safe place, use additional banking products and conveniently shop. Summa summarum – everyone in today’s world should have a personal account, it’s just a standard.

Types of bank accounts

 Types of bank accounts

yes-945356 Banks offer several different types of accounts. The most popular are personal accounts, or standard accounts, are accounts for individual customers that can be run independently or combined with other banking services, e.g. youth, student, standard, premium, etc. Company accounts are also offered (for enterprises, organizations and institutions), currency (used for international transactions, most often conducted in euros, dollars, Swiss francs or pounds).

How do you choose a personal account?

 How do you choose a personal account?

There are several factors to pay attention to when choosing an account. We will try to briefly discuss them and tell you what is most important when choosing an account.

Small and large fees – is this account free?

You should check whether the bank provides free transfers and withdrawals from an ATM (your network and all other banks, in Poland and abroad), whether it charges a debit card – generally, or in any way makes us pay for opening and maintaining an account. You also need to pay attention to the hooks – we often have an account for PLN 0, but on condition that we do non-cash transactions for a specified amount or a specific number of transfers in a month.

A tailor-made account – match them to your needs

It’s up to you what account you want, whether you prefer paid, but with the premium option whether you need a standard version, but completely free. If you are an “online-sheep” type who deals with all important matters over the internet, focus on finding an account with good internet banking. Traditionalists should check whether and how much they will pay for in the bank branch. Simply choose the option that best suits you, if you do not intend to use such or other services, look for a different type of account or other offer.

Take care of the functionality

Today, hardly anyone has a smartphone or internet. It is worth taking care that the account chosen by us gives the possibility of quick transfers, even on weekends. A mobile application will also be useful – thanks to it, you can check your account balance, make a transfer or pay for purchases, even during holidays or abroad. Euro-870754

Bank account with bonuses

Banks want to attract new customers, which is why they organize promotions every now and then. They offer free accounts, additional bonuses for opening an account or offering an offer to other people. Sometimes gadgets are given away, sometimes you can take part in the competition. Very often, in addition to a personal account, you can open a savings account (usually free), start a money back service or a Smart Server (refund for purchases). Thanks to this, when you open an account, you can gain or even earn – it is worth having that in mind.

Choose a good bank

It is worth checking the opinions of other clients, find out if the account is actually as good as it seems. The reputation of the bank is also important – a well-known, well-known, honesty company guarantees that there are no hooks on the offer and you can easily open a personal account in your bank and give your finances in good hands.

Compare offers with economy-816491 head!

 Compare offers with  head!

How to get to all these criteria? Take notes? Keep track of every offer? Not at all! All the best bank account offers can be compared in one place – that’s why we have prepared a ranking of the best bank accounts , thanks to which you can get acquainted with various offers, their details, criteria and choose the most-suited personal account. Not only that – you can immediately go to the bank’s website and submit an application to open an account online. Thanks to this, you will quickly and easily find an account that will meet your requirements.


Cash Loan – Opinions | Portal Loan

The bank has its headquarters in Katowice, but the bank branches are located throughout Poland. In addition to stationary branches, ING Bank Śląski gives clients access to ATMs. There are around 900 of them throughout the country, of which over 500 offer a contactless function. It is worth mentioning that ING Bank Śląski also runs online, telephone and mobile banking, offering its clients the option to use the smartphone and tablet app.


ING Bank Śląski – company’s offer


ING Bank Śląski as a bank with a long tradition has products for both individual and business customers who are looking for a solution for their company. In addition to various types of personal accounts and the possibility of choosing credit cards, we can reach for a deposit or savings products. As for the external source of financing, ING Bank Śląski offers clients cash or mortgage loans, as well as the option of creating a debt limit on the account.

Using the bank’s offer, we can also reach for cash loan insurance. As part of the policy, we can secure the repayment of the debt or the card belonging to the invoice. We can also apply for life insurance that will protect us, relatives and our savings in the event of an unexpected event. If one of us likes traveling, it should reach for travel insurance or our car. It is also worth insuring our house, which is to constitute an oasis of peace and a place to rest.


Cash loan at ING Bank Śląski

 Cash loan at ING Bank Śląski

ING Bank Śląski grants cash loans in the amount of 1 thousand. PLN 160,000 zł. We have at least a month to repay the obligation. The longest available loan adjustment period is 8 years (96 monthly installments). If we want to buy insurance, we can not borrow more than 100,000. zł. The loan in Bank Śląski is high interest – from 8.8 to 10 percent. In the case of liabilities with a loan term of up to 3 years (36 installments), it remains unchanged.

Interestingly, the bank charges a commission only on liabilities amounting to more than 60,000. PLN, then the commission is PLN 0. In general, the amount of fees and commissions depends on whether we are new or regular customers of the bank. In the case of the former, they close up to 5%. loans and the latter – do not exceed 4 percent. amount of liability.

How to take a cash loan at ING?

 How to take a cash loan at ING?

To apply for a loan at ING Bank Śląski, you must meet the requirements imposed by the lender. These are, among others, the possession of a valid ID card from which we must enter in the application and confirmation of receiving income from a permanent source. It may be a contract of employment or a work, or even a contract of mandate.

The rest of the process of applying for cash is very simple. All you have to do is send the lender a completed application and wait for his decision. This will appear immediately. Importantly, people who have an account at ING Bank Śląski, for which remuneration has been received for at least 3 months, do not have to add any attachments to the application.

ING promotional offer

 ING promotional offer

Apart from a wide range of products, ING Bank Śląski has numerous promotional offers. One of them is the one called “Money is back on a click”. What is it about? When we reach for a loan with insurance for a minimum of PLN 5,000 and meet all the expectations of the lender regarding the promotion, we can receive PLN 150. Importantly, even those who do not take advantage of the option to secure their finances, will also get cash. It will amount to PLN 50.

If we plan to buy a car and take a loan for a minimum of PLN 15,000, and additionally we will use a promotional code on the website of the lender, we will receive a refund of PLN 500. One of the most interesting promotional offers at ING is Ekopożyczka.

Ekopożyczka – what is it about?

Ekgożyczka is an offer of ING Bank Śląski, whose aim is to encourage the use of online banking services. As part of crediting from ING, we can reach for a loan that guarantees us a return of commission. What should we do?

All we need to do is send a loan application and use the code provided on the bank’s website. This code guarantees the return of the commission incurred during the loan period. Importantly, Ekopożyczka can be taken exclusively for ecological goods. What should be understood with this concept? An ecological commodity according to ING Bank promotion regulations may be A +++ class appliances, ie refrigerators, washing machines or dryers. This is not the only option to make a purchase. The promotion also includes the purchase of doors or windows, as well as materials for insulation of residential buildings or the implementation of a rainwater recovery system. As part of the promotion, we can also buy boilers or bicycles. However, it should be remembered that all promotions offered by ING Bank Śląski are limited in time.


ING Bank Śląski – summary

 ING Bank Śląski - summary

5 Ways to Get Out Of Debt without Harming Your Retirement Savings



Saving to retire and get out of debt do not exclude each other, but far too often people give up one thing to do the other. Although it is important to reduce your Cú Chulainnast debt when you start your retirement, you do not want to sacrifice pension savings to do so. Of course, retirement without debt is an enviable position to be in, but if it means that you have not saved money for living expenses, it quickly becomes an untenable situation.

From budgeting for both consolidating your debt to a lower interest rate, here’s a look at four ways to get rid of debts and save for your retirement at the same time. (See also: The 7 best ways to get out of debt and Pension saving: how much does it cost?)

Apply your strategy on your retirement date

Apply your strategy on your retirement date

How aggressive you are The conditions of saving for retirement will depend on your age. If you are going to trade the suitcase for golf clubs in a few years, then saving is the main priority. However, if you are 20 years or older before your retirement, your attention should go to reducing your debt. That does not mean that you do not save while paying off your loans, but that you may have to spend less on the amount you save to get out of debt.

Consolidate your debt into a lower interest rate

Consolidate your debt into a lower interest rate

Some debts are better than other types of debts; however, all consumers ultimately want to be debt-free. When eliminating debts, it is important to tackle the loans with the highest interest first. After all, the higher the interest, the more it will cost you to pay it.

If you owe money to multiple lenders, combining everything into one loan can make it easier to pay every month. But don’t rush in here. Consolidation only makes sense if you get a better interest rate on the debt. You do not want to consolidate to make it easier and ultimately pay more. Beware of loans that consolidate all your debts and you pay the same amount every month for a certain number of years. They usually come with high interest and costs. (Read more: How to manage your debt and consolidate.)

As an alternative: “If you have outstanding debts, you should check if there is a possibility to pay it, even though the IRS considers debt that has been canceled, canceled or taxed income”, says Carlos Dias Jr. ., wealth manager, Excel Tax & Wealth Group, Lake Mary, Fla. “Make sure you weigh the pros and cons.”

Benefit from business match programs

Benefit from business match programs

Retirement can easily last more than 20 years, which means that you have to collect a fairly large nest egg. That seems impossible if you’re in debt. One way to increase your retirement savings for free is by using your company’s 401 (k) match program, if one is offered. Many employers will pay employee contributions up to a certain percentage. That is free money, so you should maximize the competition, no matter how much debt you have. Let’s say your business will match up to 6%. You must ensure that you contribute 6% to your 401 (k), so that you can receive the full amount.

“At the very least, I like that customers are contributing enough to receive the competition. I don’t want them to put money on the table,” says Marguerita Cheng, CFP®, CEO of Blue Ocean Global Wealth in Rockville, Maryland. ” They are also realizing tax savings today that can increase their cash flow. “

Downsize your lifestyle

Downsize your lifestyle

Paying off your debt and saving for your pension is possible, but it may require a list on your part. Saving costs that free up more money to save or reduce your debt may mean skipping or eating trips to the coffee house instead of eating out three times a week. Giving up your landline, reducing your mobile phone bill and shopping during sales are other relatively expensive ways to free up some cash flow.

If the debt is high and you are almost retired, selling an expensive home and moving to a cheaper home can help you improve your debt and retirement savings situation. The idea is to free up money so that it can be used for those two important goals.

Budget for both goals

Budget for both goals

Budgeting is the cornerstone of any healthy financial plan and it can be easily applied to save and pay off your debt at the same time. Once you have your debt in order and you find out how much you should live comfortably in your pension, you can devise a budget and reserve money for each purpose. Again, your time horizon and the interest rates on your loans determine which is paid first and how much is put into savings. But setting a budget and sticking to it can be a long way to get out of debt without sacrificing one of the most expensive things you come across: retirement.

“Budgeting is a mindset. We must want to do it. We must want to get out of debt,” says Craig L. Israelsen, Ph. D., designer of the 7Twelve Portfolio and executive-in-residence in the financial planning program at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. “Spending can become addictive, so we have to consider it as a potential addiction. Addiction recovery requires a higher level of involvement. Look for someone to be accountable to if you have a tendency to spend.”

The bottom line

The bottom line

Debts and saving for retirement can go hand in hand if you come up with a plan to tackle both at the same time. Far too often, people mistakenly assume they have to do one or the other, and that can ultimately hurt them.

If you take full advantage of company-sponsored retirement savings programs to consolidate your debt into a lower interest payment, there are many ways to reduce your Cú Chulainnast debt without sacrificing your retirement. 

Several Active Loans In One Company – Is It Possible?

Sometimes our financial needs tend to be larger than we expected. So what do you do when you have already taken out a loan, but it has been insufficient? Can you borrow more money from your hand at the same company? We decided to check how the lender works, when the client addresses them with such a problem.

Questions about the possibility of taking another loan before the actual repayment is everyday in non-bank companies. Unfortunately, a large group of lenders accept only one active financial commitment. So if it turns out that you borrowed too little, you will have to look for the missing amount from the competition.

On the non-banking market, fortunately, there are also institutions for which several loans at the same time are not a problem. After fulfilling certain conditions, you can apply for further financial support there, without having to repay your loan immediately. Some non-bank brands also allow you to “match” the required amount within the limits of the financial limit granted to the client.

Several active loans at once – who allows it?


You can get several loans from one installer at the earliest. In the case of payday cards, you can not count on such a facility, although there are exceptions to this rule (this issue will be explained further in the further part of the article).

Which of the installment brands allows you to have several liabilities at the same time? These companies along with the requirements that you must meet in this case are presented in the table below:

Companies that allow you to have several active loans

 Companies that allow you to have several active loans

In the case of brands such as Provident or Ekassa, there is no pre-established policy for dealing with a situation where the client wants to take another loan before the actual repayment. Therefore, the lender’s decision may depend, for example, on the client’s financial capacity and the amount he would like to lend.

On the other hand, brands belonging to the company Aasa Polska ( Ratkomat , Aasa Polska , Gotówka Immediately and ) in the situation of subsequent loans to customers who have not repaid their current liabilities, are guided by strictly defined rules. In all these institutions, you can have a second active loan, but only if you have repaid a minimum of half of the installments currently held.

The terms of repayment of a given part of the loan are also used by institutions such as Takto (repayment of at least six installments) or Fellow Finance (repayment of at least four installments required). In the case of the Takt brand , it should also be remembered that it allows only two active loans.

Another active minute in the same company, i.e. a few words exceptions

 Another active minute in the same company, i.e. a few words exceptions

We mentioned earlier that in the case of obtaining another loan before the repayment of the current loan is practically impossible. An exception to this rule, however, is the Vivus brand , which allows you to select a loan within the limits available for a given customer. What does this mean in practice? Well, for example, in the case of the first loan, you can borrow a maximum of PLN 3,000. So if you applied for PLN 2,000 and received such a loan, you can still get PLN 1,000 during the term of the contract. This offer, however, has one catch – the payment deadline set with the lender remains unchanged. At the given time, you must pay off more than you initially planned.

Take a moment in Vivus

Several active loans in one company. Is it profitable?

 Several active loans in one company. Is it profitable?

At first glance, the ability to use several active loans in one company is the same – you do not have to submit a new application, the lender knows your credit history, you already know the terms of the contract, etc. However, you must remember that each loan has a price, and this means that the cost of your commitment increases and the final amount to be refunded.

The resulting debt will usually have to be paid back at one time, which may slightly erode your home budget. So before you apply for a loan even before paying off your current commitment, be sure to summarize the costs of such a move and see if you can really afford such a step. (Kg)